Dragutin Majsak 12. December 2020

The departure of the legendary maitre d’hotel Drago Majsak

Dragutin Majsak, maitre d’hotel of the restaurant Vinodol in Zagreb, died at the age of 56 as a result of a stroke.

The news of his sudden departure shook and saddened us deeply, just like all those who knew him, because Drago was a true legend of the Croatian restaurant scene. He worked in Vinodol for 33 years and in fact, the restaurant was his second home.

At the beginning of March, Gault & Millau Croatia gave him the award “Best maitre d’hotel 2020”. Drago considered this award the greatest recognition in his career.

In the explanation, we wrote that for the regular guests of the restaurant, Vinodol would be unthinkable without Drago. Always present, but almost invisible, he slid between the tables, extremely polite and attentive to everyone, he took care of every tiny detail. Calm and discreet, well-groomed, neatly ironed clothes without a single crease even after a full working day, he was respected by the guests but also by the whole team of people he worked with. He would readily jump in if any of his waiters needed help, noticing that the guest wanted something even when he hadn’t even raised his hand. Mr. Majsak was simply the perfect maitre d’hôtel.

We admired his professionalism, his kindness, and especially his human warmth. He believed that only top service and quality can attract regular guests, as well as a full dedication to the work and the working environment. He had only words of praise for his team. And he always motivated them to be better. He summed up his motto briefly: “The satisfied face of the guest, gives me a new impetus.”

Our sincere condolences to his family, friends and the Vinodol team. We will all miss Drago.