riso gallo 26. April 2019

Riso Gallo at the festival Taste the Mediterranean 2019

Riso Gallo is a proud partner of the festival Taste the Mediterranean 2019!

The company was founded in 1856 and is located in Robbio Lomellina, in the heart of the Italian rice-growing region, and is amongst the biggest rice and grains producers in Europe. Riso Gallo’s mission is to spread the culture of rice and risotto by using innovation that constantly adapts to the needs of the modern consumer and to look for new ways to consume rice through innovative products.

With 160 years of expertise, Riso Gallo is a guarantee of premium quality. The cockerel is the symbol of the company and is associated with the best quality rice. Riso Gallo offers a wide range of products using traditional processes in a combination with modern technology and innovation, meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers. Tradition and innovation are married in a perfect harmony. The wide range of products allows the creation of unique and creative dishes.

riso galloriso galloThe internal centre for research and development of new products is situated within the company, as a response to current and future market trends.