Olja Martinić 01. October 2020

Olja Martinić

Olja Martinić, a dietitian and nutritionist, is the owner of the “Olja” nutrition counseling center and the author of four books focused on food.

As a healthcare professional, she is mostly dedicated to dietetics (patient nutrition). Outside of healthcare, she promotes the Mediterranean diet and, through appearances and articles, seeks to improve the eating habits of the population, through municipalities, industry, academic community and research.

She transfers her knowledge and many years of experience to younger colleagues and seeks to make her knowledge and expertise useful in various fields such as healthcare, industry (especially food and pharmaceutical), research and development, education, municipality, media and private practice.

She is a passionate advocate of the Mediterranean diet and promoting the importance of certain aliments through the projects “Gastroadvent in Split”, “Dani varenika” and others.