lockdown France 30. October 2020

New lockdown in France starting from today

In France, restaurants and cafes are closing again, and a new lockdown due to the accelerated spread of the coronavirus will last until December 1st. This was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron in his address to the nation. “The health care system will not survive if there is no economy that supports it. But nothing is more important than human life. We could do nothing and wait for the immunity of the herd, but that means 400,000 more dead”, Macron implied.

Except restaurants and cafes, shops that do not sell basic goods will be closed, but delivery is allowed. For all (except services for which work is allowed), the obligation to work from home is introduced. Primary and secondary schools remain open, while collages are moving to online teaching.

Citizens will be able to leave their home only once a day, for an hour, to buy basic groceries, go to the doctor or use that time to exercise. Passes are also introduced for all those who want to leave their place of residence, but travel between regions is prohibited.

The coronavirus pandemic is not waning, and the world is facing one of the worst crises in recent history. However, we believe that by adhering to security measures, prudent thinking and helping each other, we can overcome this crisis, and that chefs and cheffes will reopen the doors of their restaurants to guests.