20. March 2016

Mauro Serafini

Prof. Mauro Serafini, Ph.D., works in the National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research (INRAN) in Rome, Italy. He is the Director of the Programme “Functional Foods and Metabolic Stress Prevention” at INRAN in Rome. He teaches the course on “Functional food and oxidative stress prevention” at the Master of Phytotherapy of the University of Siena; the course on “Dietary antioxidants and disease prevention” at the Master in Obesity prevention of the Faculty of Medicine, University “La Sapienza”, and the course on “Food, Nutrition and Health” at the University of Zagreb.

He was visiting professor at the Kyoto Medical University, Department of Inflammation, and tenure of a grant of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. He received his PhD in Experimental Physiopathology from the University of Pavia. He spent two years as visiting scientist at the Nutritional Immunology Lab at HNRC at Tufts University working on the role of vitamin E in immune function during ageing. He has published more than 100 international research papers in the field of dietary modulation of oxidative and inflammatory stress. Prof. Serafini was the author of highly cited paper on the antioxidant role of tea, plant food and chocolate published on Lancet, Gastroenterology and Nature.

Prof. Serafini’s research interest involve the effect of food association on the in vivo antioxidant properties of plant foods, the understanding of the mechanism of action of endogenous and dietary antioxidants in disease prevention and of the link between redox and inflammatory status in humans and on the ecological impact of food and nutrition. Recently, prof. Serafini became a FAO consultant for the aspect related to food waste and health. Prof. Serafini was a member of the ILSI Europe Task forces “Nutrition and Immunity in Man” and “PASSCLAIM”. he is the Editor of the JFCA and Nutrition and Aging and referee for many scientific journals.