lockdown restaurant 08. January 2021

Lockdown in Croatia remains in effect. All restaurants, cafes and other catering facilities throughout the country remain closed

“So far, there is no consideration of easing the measures”, said the Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic and confirmed that all restaurants, cafes and other catering facilities in Croatia remain closed. The minister explained that the abolition of lockdown is currently out of the question because in some European countries the arrival of the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic is announced. In addition, it is not yet known how the new strain of the virus is behaving and whether it has arrived in Croatia.

According to the latest news, the lockdown that took effect on November 28 and was due to be lifted just before Christmas, on December 21, will last until January 31, 2021. Caterers, however, fear that the lockdown will last until spring and that in that case the consequences will be catastrophic for many of them.

They were particularly struck by the inability to do business during the holidays, when they normally work full steam.

Some caterers have already announced the definitive closure of their facilities, and some will decide in the next few weeks. In order to retain staff and at least partially compensate for the damage suffered, many restaurants began preparing meals for delivery. Even though this works to some extent in larger cities, in smaller communities there are not enough customers for this kind of service.

The restaurant lockdown also affects food producers, and especially small family farms that have no one to sell their products to. Some of them have managed to organize online sales and delivery of goods to the doorstep. However, only a few can independently provide the logistical support necessary for this kind of business.

Unfortunately, as in most European countries that have introduced the lockdown, Croatian caterers together with their business partners will suffer severe economic consequences due to this pandemic.