Ivo Vrdoljak 15. September 2020

Ivo Vrdoljak

Ivo Vrdoljak is the owner of the restaurant Zrno Soli, located on the seashore of Split. Since 2011, he has been managing his restaurant guided by the premise: “The owner of the restaurant is not only a title deed, but an idea and vision that should not be given up in creating a place where guests come not only to eat top quality food but also to enjoy all segments of arrival. From the overall atmosphere to overall ambience and service, premium drops, and the dish served should be the crown of it all. ”

Guests leave Zrno Soli happy and come back for more. Thanks to the knowledge, persistance and dedication of Ivo Vrdoljak, Zrno Soli has become a synonym for pleasure and a brand recognizable in Split and Croatia as well as abroad, where happy guests are Ivo’s best promoters.