27. April 2016

Ivana Orešić

Ivana Orešić is a Croatian journalist, head of culinary workshops, food and travel columnist and a screenwriter.  She was born in Zagreb 1978. Fifteen years ago, she discovered the charms of Dalmatia. In 2012, she published her first cookbook in Croatian under the title «Putopisna kuharica globalne proždrljivice» (A Culinary Travelogue by a Global Greedy-Guts). She enjoys travelling and discovering new tastes, smells, cultures and customs as much as she enjoys sharing them afterwards. Ivana discovered her love towards cooking at the same time when she discovered her inclination towards journalism, and since then travelling, cooking and writing are inextricably linked. The most pleasant feelings she felt during her wanderings and tasting of Dalmatian meals are now noted in her second culinary travelogue «My Dalmatia, Tastes, Savours, and Colours». Ivana is one of the authors of the film about Croatian Mediterranean diet «Čuvarice okusa» (Taste keepers).