Ivan Pažanin 11. September 2020

Chef Ivan Pažanin

Chef from Split, also known as a member of the jury in the gastro show “Tri, dva, jedan, kuhaj!” (“Three, two, one, cook!”), discovered his love of cooking in childhood by watching his grandmother and mother.

He began his exciting gastronomic journey at the age of 18, when he went to work on an icebreaker in Antarctic waters, thus continuing the family tradition of cooking and sailing. This was followed by work on a yacht in Monte Carlo and in various Adriatic restaurants.

Mediterranean cuisine is his inspiration, he has developed his culinary identity by combining the flavors of Spanish, Italian and French cuisine with the gastronomy of Greece, Turkey and West Africa. Two years ago, in the heart of Split, chef Pažanin opened the fine dining restaurant Štorija by Biberon.

As he himself says, Štorija is the realization of a boy’s dream, a story of dedication to work and love brought into every dish and every plate served, which exudes ancient flavors and aromas of Dalmatia.