Cheffe Maria Jimenez 23. August 2021

Cheffe Maria Jimenez Latorre

Cheffe Maria Jimenez Latorre is a true ambassador of Spanish gastronomy and she will show it in Split where she will prepare an exclusive dinner on the occasion of the Spanish day. For years she has been leading the most important gastronomic events in the Cooking school Alambique Esquela de Cocina, in Madrid, where she presents the traditional Spanish cuisine. She is the founder and co-owner of the catering We present, and with her business partner, chef Sergio Fernandez, she organizes weddings, baptisms, and other family celebrations, as well as exclusive dinners and corporate events. She holds lectures and culinary demonstrations for professional cooks and students of hospitality schools on the use of the olive oil Oriva. She is their brand ambassador. A true celebrity chef, Maria Jimenez Latorre has also become popular by appearing on leading Spanish culinary TV shows such as Canal Cocina. She was also a member of the jury of the popular TV competition “My mom cooks better than yours”.

She gained previous experience as a chef de cuisine in several famous restaurants of the Spanish capital: Cruz Blanca, Taberna Alegrias, a gourmet tavern known for its modern tapas. She also worked for a long time alongside the famous chef Juano Lopez Bedmar in the restaurant La Tasquita de Enfrente.

During her many years of career, she published the illustrated cookbook “The Best Salads”, and in 2015 a book entitled “Magic, ie magic in the kitchen”. Her husband, a professional magician, was her main inspiration.