Fabricio Vežnaver 06. September 2020

Chef Fabricio Vežnaver

Winner of the Gault&Millau Croatia Great Chef of Tomorrow trophy, Fabricio Vežnaver, is the owner and chef of the Pergola restaurant in a small Istrian village of Zambratija, crowned with 3 Gault&Millau toques. He has dedicated his whole life to the love of cooking and continues to approach each new culinary creation with exactly the same passion and enthusiasm. Pergola used to be a family-owned tavern, which was managed for many years by Fabricio’s father. After taking it over, Fabricio transformed it into a “food design” restaurant. The tourists and food lovers return to Pergola largely because of the top gourmet experience. The chef thrills with his creativity, his refined sense of selecting and combining foods, and his preparation techniques. He has never had a formal mentor in the kitchen, and is self-taught. However, he constantly learned from others, and in that way developed both professionally and as a person. He is not obsessed with any trends in the kitchen but relies on a day-to-day inspiration brought to him by available ingredients, which are locally grown, seasonal and sometimes very simple foods of top quality, which he turns, as if by magic, to culinary delights.