23. March 2016

Chef Enrico Gabriele

Enrico Gabriele comes from neighbouring Italy. He will dedicate his cooking show to the Italian Mediterranean dishes that he cooks with a true passion. He ran the top luxury hotel kitchens and the most famous haute cuisine restaurants in Italy.  Enrico’s culinary philosophy is simple: he has a deep respect for nature and the changing seasons, and gives special attention to the selection of raw materials.  Gabirele Enrico, who founded Avalon, Food & Consulting for haute cuisine and hospitality in 2009, currently works as a supervisor and consultant executive chef for Platti, a historic cafe in Turin, and a company with a long tradition of pastry and high quality cuisine. Enrico brought the spirit of Italy into the heart of Zagreb, where Platti opened a café bar, a pastry shop and chocolaterie and an authentic Italian restaurant in the “Cvjetni trg” (the Flowers Square) last April.