Chef Deni Srdoč 23. August 2021

Chef Deni Srdoč

Croatian Chef, Deni Srdoč, may only be 29 years old, but he has achieved much success in his culinary career already.He is the only Croatian chef who just got a second, restaurant NEbo Michelin star for the second restaurant where he started to work recently, restaurant Nebo in Hotel Hilton Rijeka Costabella. The fresh culinary mind is set to have a very fruitful gastronomic career. He was also the first Croatian chef to compete in the San Pellegrino Young Chef regional final.

Srdoč’s cooking style blends modern with traditional touches underpinned by an Italian-French influence. He enjoys reinterpreting traditional dishes in a modern and innovative way. Although his heritage would suggest his cuisine remained rooted in the Mediterranean, he likes exploring recipes and dishes from all over Croatia. The chef also finds inspiration while traveling, where he discovers and immerses himself in local cuisines with great curiosity.