Damir Modrušan 23. September 2022

Chef Damir Modrušan, Croatia

Restoran Sapore di Mare, Fažana
2 toke G&M (13/20)

One of the most prominent Istrian chefs, studied cooking at the catering high school in his native Pula. At the beginning of his career he was employed by the local company Arenaturist.

In search of new knowledge in the 1990s, he moved to Italy, and after returning to Istria, he joined the team of Valsabion in Pula, the first avant-garde Croatian restaurant, owned by Sonja Perić.

After 5 creative years, he finds a new challenge in the Zigante restaurant in the heart of Istria, in the town of Livade. The truffle, top local ingredient, become his new inspiration in creating delicacies from meat, fish, potatoes, to ice cream – all with truffles. For almost twenty years, he was the chef of a kitchen where one ingredient was always in focus.

Recently from the north of Istria, he returns to the sea again. In Sapore di Mare restaurant in Fažana he prepares varied offer of fresh seafood.