Chef Georgiana Viou

The first Michelin star for chef Georgiana Viou

Chef Georgiana Viou received her first Michelin star for the restaurant Rouge, which she opened in the city of Nimes, in the Occitanie region, in the south of France. Georgiana is one of the chefs who were guests at the Taste the Mediterranean Festival in Croatia and, together with 7 other colleagues, prepared the first → Read more

mediterranean women chefs

A unique job opportunity in Thailand

We are looking for a woman head chef for the Mediterranean restaurant in a luxury hotel in Bangkok. From the luxury hotel Eastin Grand Phayathai, in Bangkok, we received an inquiry for a Mediterranean woman chef to take over the position of head chef in their Mediterranean restaurant Trattoria@22. → Read more

Ladies Night: 5 Chefs and 5 Sommeliers

Ladies Night: 5 Chefs and 5 Sommeliers

The women’s evening has already become a tradition at the Taste the Mediterranean festival, where women teams up, putting their hands together in the kitchen and impress the guests. An international team of great chefs invited by the Mediterranean Women Chefs platform will cook in the Split restaurant Zora bila, run by Sandra and Dane → Read more

LASSE Å BERG: Children and The Sea

The sea is your best friend – says the Swedish actor, director and artist Lasse Åberg , the author of the children’s book of the same name. Its exclusive Croatian edition will be presented in Split at the 10th international festival Taste the Mediterranean – in Kazalište lutaka (The Doll’s Theatre) with the kids in → Read more

Competition of tomorrow’s chefs

Register for the TTM Festival competition for apprentice chefs and/or students of hospitality schools Prokurative, Saturday, October 8, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. Powered by Tommy. The participants must not be older than 26 years old. Applications are open until September 26 at → Read more

bacanje hrane

You don’t throw food away! Spain – the partner country of the 10th International Festival Taste the Mediterranean is preparing a powerful anti waste law

You don’t throw food away! Full stop. In Spain it will soon be a reality: from 2023, thanks to a powerful anti-waste plan involving medium and large companies that will be “forced” to transform unsold fruit, for example, into jam or juice. While the restaurants will compulsorily equip themselves with “doggy bag”. These are just → Read more