Anita Šumer 13. December 2019

A Croatian edition of the well-known Slovenian book on sourdough bread -” Kvasomanija” presented in Miele Experience Center

Two years after the book was published in her native Slovenia, “Sourdough Mania” now has a Croatian edition.

When you see with what ease and passion Anita Šumer kneads and shapes bread, cakes, and pastries, “Sourdough Mania” will take hold of you. After you have seen Anita’s craftsmanship you will also want to learn how to bake irresistible delicacies with homemade sourdough!

The VBZ publishing company presented the book in the Miele Experience Center in Zagreb. During the promotion, Anita talked about her passion – baking bread and pastries with homemade sourdough. Guests who attended the promotion enjoyed both her interesting story and her freshly baked goods.

With her advice on baking and her ingenious recipes Anita has caught the attention of media around the world: Daily Mail, Business Insider UK, and BuzzFeed. Thanks to the “Sourdough Mania”, Anita is being invited to share her knowledge all over the world. In the past two years, Anita has taught the sourdough baking in Lisbon, Moscow, Singapore, Thailand, Caribbeans, Jamaica, England, Amsterdam… She has participated in the Gourmand World Cookbook summit in Paris, and her book has been awarded at the World Cookbook Fair in Macau.

Still, the thing that makes Anita extremely happy is that the number of sourdough maniacs is continually growing, as well as the fact that her passion for sourdough bread, as made by her grandmother, has created a community of sourdough enthusiasts.

The book is a true feast for the eyes with its stunning illustrations and simple recipes. Croatian prefaces are written by gastro journalist Hrvoje Petrić and pastry chef Petra Jelenić. (Publisher: VBZ, 200 kn)

Anita Šumer, autorica Kvasomanije i gastronovinar Hrvoje Petrić na promociji hrvatskog izdanja u Miele Experience Centru

Anita Šumer & Hrvoje Petrić