bacanje hrane 03. August 2022

You don’t throw food away! Spain – the partner country of the 10th International Festival Taste the Mediterranean is preparing a powerful anti waste law

You don’t throw food away! Full stop. In Spain it will soon be a reality: from 2023, thanks to a powerful anti-waste plan involving medium and large companies that will be “forced” to transform unsold fruit, for example, into jam or juice. While the restaurants will compulsorily equip themselves with “doggy bag”. These are just some of the proposals contained in the law under consideration. A few weeks ago, the socialist government led by President Pedro Sánchez approved a project that aims at one goal: not to throw away food with the ambition of creating a model for Europe.

As explained by the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Luis Planas, the new tool adopted by the government will change the processes of the food chain where it is most inefficient. But, inspired by the circular economy, the “draft law on the prevention of food losses and waste” is also remarkable on an ethical level, since it includes collaborative projects between restaurants, neighborhood organizations and food banks. Penalty? Very high fines of up to 500 thousand euros. The suffrage numbers are in fact pitiless: 1,300 tons of food (31 kg per capita) that are thrown away by citizens every year.

The complete article by Francesco Seminara on the Italian La Repubblica