21. October 2020

Top scents in the bottle and on the plate

What do top gastronomy and top scents have in common? The highest quality ingredients that make every dish and every perfume special – says Linda Pilkington, owner of the perfume house Ormonde Jayne. This year, Linda joined the Taste the Mediterranean festival virtually and in a video message to the participants of the panel dedicated to women in gastronomy, she explained her passion for fine dishes and flavors that give them spices, which she has used for two decades in creating perfumes and in the kitchen when preparing meals for family and friends.

“Some of my perfumes contain precious essences obtained from exquisite edible ingredients like vanilla, saffron, cardamom, coriander, junniper berry, white peach and lychee. My absolutely favourite perfume ingredient is pink pepper  – says Linda, who dedicates the Gourmande Jayne column to gastronomy on her official website and social networks.

Most of the mentioned spices were used by top cheffes and chefs, guests of the Taste the Mediterranean festival, in preparing meals at exclusive dinners and in masterclasses for students and professionals. And what trace do Taif and Isfarkand leave in the perfume bottles, María José San Román, Flora Mikula, Georgiana Viou, Beatriz Gonzalez, Keiko Nagae, Dina Nikolaou, Dragica Lukin, Sandra Tahirović, Vesna Miletić, Ippei Uemura, Fabricio Vežnaver, Marin Rendić, Ivan Pažanin, Hrvoje Zirojević, Jerko Roso… were able to try, thanks to the Lana perfumery in Split, the exclusive Ormonde Jayne retail store.