Chef Georgiana Viou 08. March 2023

The first Michelin star for chef Georgiana Viou

Chef Georgiana Viou received her first Michelin star for the restaurant Rouge, which she opened in the city of Nimes, in the Occitanie region, in the south of France. Georgiana is one of the chefs who were guests at the Taste the Mediterranean Festival in Croatia and, together with 7 other colleagues, prepared the first women’s dinner at Zora bila restaurant in Split. At that time, she also held a masterclass for catering school students.

A native of Benin, she came to France with the intention of being a translator, but her passion for cooking prevailed. She became famous on the French Masterchef, and in 2015 Gault&Millau awarded her the prestigious Trophy Young Talent of the Year. Last year she won the Gault&Millau Trophy for the great chef of tomorrow, and now Michelin has confirmed her culinary.

Good luck Georgiana! We wait for you to come back at Taste the Mediterranean in Split.