Taste the Mediterranean 05. July 2022

Taste the Mediterranean 2022: We celebrate our 10th anniversary

This is the year of the 10th anniversary of the Festival Taste the Mediterranean (TTM), which will be held in Split from October 4 to 9, 2022. A big anniversary, which also marks the 10th anniversary of the inclusion of the Mediterranean Diet in the UNESCO representative list of intangible cultural heritage. Along with Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Morocco, Cyprus, Croatia, with her Mediterranean Diet is also included in that prestigious list. From the very beginning, the Festival wanted to present, promote and preserve the Mediterranean food, gastronomy and domestic products, as well as the Mediterranean cultural heritage and the Mediterranean way of life. TTM brings together the best foreign and Croatian chefs, all with Michelin stars, Gault & Millau toques and other important awards. In addition to the chefs, food producers, winemakers and other experts from the field of gastronomy, sustainable tourism, agriculture and fishing, journalists and gourmets participate in the Festival.

The program includes professional workshops, lectures and panels, masterclasses by world culinary stars, wine tastings and four-hands dinners in the best Split restaurants (prepared by the guest chefs alongside the host chefs). Exchange of experiences, education and networking are the main goals of the Festival. In less than ten years, TTM has become an unavoidable gourmet event in this part of the Mediterranean. Good food, good wine, good fun is the motto of the Festival.

Here is a reminder of the past participants:

Bee Satongun* (The best chef in Asia by 50 Best), San Degeimbre** (Chef of the year Grandes tables), Fernando Perez Arellano**, Lionel Levy*, Marcello Trentini*, Coline Faulquier*, VicentePatino, Michael Gollenz* (Gault&Millau Croatia Great Chef of Tomorrow), Ippei Uemura (Gault&Millau Young Talent of the Year), Guillaume Sourrieu*, Flora Mikula, Issam Rhachi (Gault&Millau Great Chef of Tomorrow), Marco Stabile*, Tomaž Kavčič*, Emmanuel Perrodin, Filippo Saporito*, Jure Tomič, Yoan Dessarzin, Yassine Khalal, Giulio Terrinoni*, Olivier Grouard, Jeremy Girvan, Frank Renimel, Farid Rahbi, Igor Jagodic (Gault&Millau Slovenia Chef of the Year), Sokol Prenga, Ljubiša Stojanović, Ahmed Ramdane Cherif, Maria Jose San Roman*, Beatriz Gonzalez, Georgiana Viou, Dina Nikolau (Gault&Millau Greece Chef of the Year), Keiko Nagae, Laetitia Visse*, Antony Germani, Maria Jimenez Latorre, Claude Krajner, Clement Higgins, Anastasios Paraskevaidis Hrvoje Zirojević (Gault&Millau Croatia Chef of the Year), Rudolf Štefan*, Deni Srdoč* (Gault&Millau Young Talent of the Year), Marko Đurašević, Vesna Miletić (Gault&Millau Croatia Best Chef of Traditional Cuisine), Fabricio Vežnaver (Gault&Millau Croatia Chef of the Year), Zlatko Marinović-Noštromo (Gault&Millau Croatia Best Chef of New Traditional Cuisine), Monika Ninčević, Ivan Pažanin, Vjeko Bašić (Gault&Millau Croatia Chef of the Year), Marin Medak, Toni Miloš, Tereza Alabanda, Nikolina Putica, Mario Mandarić, Goran Šikić, Filip Palfi, Ante Božikov, Marin Rendić, Sandra i Dane Tahirović (Gault&Millau Croatia Great Chefs of Tomorrow), Braco Sanjin, Biljana Milina (Gault&Millau Croatia Best Pastry Chef), Dragica Lukin (Gault&Millau Croatia Special Trophy), Tea Mamut (Gault&Millau Croatia Best POP), Stjepan Vukadin.