12. May 2018


This year, Taste the Mediterranean festival will address the burning issue of food waste and how to stop it.

Marie-Hélène Gaildraud works tirelessly on raising awareness about the extent of food waste. Through the association, Treize événements she organizes events to educate the public about how food remains can be use instead of being thrown away. Within the food waste lecture, chef Lionel Levy will hold a culinary workshop by using leftovers and “damaged” foods.

This lecture of a great importance will take place in the Arsenal building, on Saturday, June 2nd, starting at 12.00 pm, followed by an interesting culinary workshop at 12.30h.

Origin of food waste in Europe:
millions of tonnes of food wasted by the Europeans can be divided in the following manner:

  • 53 % from households
  • 30 % from agriculture and the food industry
  • 5 % from grocery retailers
  • 12 % from the catering sector


In the framework of the National Day of Fight against Food Waste that takes place on the 16th of October, association Treize événements organizes since 2013 a large free meal open to the public and prepared from:

  • fruits and vegetables that are the wrong shape or damaged,
  • unsold products from supermarkets,
  • incorrectly labelled canned food from the factories,
  • the food surplus from the wholesale grocery sector, but are still perfectly consumable!


Several associations are organizing fun and practical workshops to draw attention of the consumers to the fact that half of the food that ends up in the trash is actually perfectly consumable fruit and vegetables that are excluded from the sale because they are “ugly-looking”.
The chefs are distributing small bites prepared from unsold products to raise awareness and to alert the public of the problem of food waste.
A recipe booklet of the chefs “the art of cooking with leftovers” is distributed to the public.