Stipe Čogelja 26. September 2022

Stipe Čogelja, Croatia

The professional path of Stipe Čogelja is connected to the Split-Dalmatia County, where he started to work in 2014 after gaining some experience in the county’s Port Authority.

The sea and maritime affairs have always been at the center of his interest, and he immediately started working in the Administrative Department for Tourism and Maritime Affairs in the County as well. He took over the responsibility of supervising and coordinating the work of the department. He continued the cooperation with the Port Authority of Split-Dalmatia County, the Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County and local self-government units. He was soon appointed head of the Administrative Department for Tourism and Maritime Affairs.

Together with his colleagues, he was the author of the “Maritime is good” campaign, as part of the activities to build a system that will enable a more transparent and efficient management of maritime assets in the Split-Dalmatia County.

In June 2021, Stipe Čogelja became the deputy prefect of the Split-Dalmatia County.