09. November 2014

San Degeimbre: one Chef – two Michelin stars

The second international Festival Taste the Mediterranean will host chef San Degeimbre, a great Belgian master with Korean roots and the owner of the restaurant L’Air du Temps in Éghezée, 50 kilometers from Brussels. San is one of the seven Belgian chefs crowned with two Michelin stars. His philosophy of cooking consists of three key elements: products, techniques and emotions. Combining these elements, San offers to his guests a unique gastronomic experience. You should not miss the performance of this passionate chef and artist who will present his culinary skills on the magical stage of the St. Michael’s fortress.

As a young boy, Sun wanted to be a pharmacist, but his love for food led him into the culinary world. He worked as a sommelier in different famous restaurants in Belgium, but he had never cooked before opening his own restaurant in 1997. In 2000, just 2 years after the opening, he won a first Michelin star and a second one in 2008. On the 15th anniversary, his restaurant L’air du temps moved to a large farm where he now grows over 300 different varieties of vegetables, herbs and spices.

His love for modernity, the use of the best local products and an understanding of the new culinary techniques, as well as his Korean roots, define the style of chef San Degeimbre, a “Contemporary Terroir Cuisine with Korean influences.” San Degeimbre says that he was “born in Korea, but he is a Belgian and a citizen of the world.” You can feel all of that in the exciting experience of his culinary art. Enjoy!