Taste the Mediterranean 2022

Exclusive dinner by chef Roberto Cerea, restaurant Da Vittorio - Bergamo , 3 Michelin ***

The Italian chef Roberto – Bobo Cerea, who together with his brother Enrico – Chicco Cerea, runs the Da Vittorio restaurant in Bergamo (3 Michelin stars), will be a guest at the 10th International Taste the Mediterranean Festival in Split, which will take place from October 4 to 9, 2022

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Taste the Mediterranean 2022

We celebrate our 10th anniversary

This is the year of the 10th anniversary of the Festival Taste the Mediterranean (TTM), which will be held in Split from October 4 to 9, 2022. A big anniversary, which also marks the 10th anniversary of the inclusion of the Mediterranean Diet in the UNESCO representative list of intangible cultural heritage

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Taste the Mediterranean 2021

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09. November 2014

L’air du temps – an excellent restaurant situated in a large farm

A big white farmhouse with dark gray stone roofs, situated in the middle of Belgian fields, is the headquarter of the exclusive restaurant L’air du temps. The interior in a minimalistic style, with natural colors and lots of light, exudes both elegance and simplicity. The staff, all young and communicative people, contribute to the special → Read more

San Degeimbre: one Chef – two Michelin stars

The second international Festival Taste the Mediterranean will host chef San Degeimbre, a great Belgian master with Korean roots and the owner of the restaurant L’Air du Temps in Éghezée, 50 kilometers from Brussels. San is one of the seven Belgian chefs crowned with two Michelin stars. His philosophy of cooking consists of three key → Read more

Programme 2021

  • Masterclasses by top chefs for professionals
  • Masterclasses by top chefs for students
  • Workshops and lectures by experts
  • Thematic panel discussions by top experts
  • Cooking shows
  • Wine tastings
  • Exclusive Mediterranean dinners