Taste the Mediterranean 2020


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Taste the Mediterranean 2020


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Taste the Mediterranean 2020


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30. May 2015

Visit the innovative culinary workshop “Belgian Design Pairing”

Today at 6 pm in the Museum of the City of Šibenik,visit the innovative culinary workshop “Belgian Design Pairing”: Sélection d’objets du design belge en accord avec un univers culinaire pragmatique, sobre et sensible”. The workshop will be held by the Belgian designers Kunty Moureau and Benedicte Bantuelle and Garance Manguin from the agency “La Bouche” → Read more

29. May 2015

French dinner

The French dinner, which will be prepared by Michelin star chef Lionel Levy, restaurant Hotel Dieu/Intercontinental, Marseille and by Michelin star chef Guillaume Sourrieu, restaurant l’Epuisette, Marseille, will be held tomorrow, Saturday May 30, at 8.00 pm in the restaurant Dalmatinsko selo, Hotel Solaris, Šibenik. Mouton Cadet Rouge and Blanc Edition Cannes wines and Barons de → Read more

27. May 2015

Visit the exhibition „Hungry designers“!

On Friday 29/05/2015 at 6 pm come to the Urban center of the City of Šibenik to the opening of the exhibition “Hungry designers”.  Hungry Designers is an exibition intended exclusively towards gastronomic sector of tourism, and materialized through projects focused on the design of food and its by-products. Hungry Designers as a food design → Read more

26. May 2015

Opening of the exhibition: FORMS

On Friday, 29th May at 11 am in the St. Michael’s fortress will be an opening of the exhibition “FORMS: vessels, Poetry written in organic shapes” of two ceramists Marina Tudjina Badurina and Bojana Švertasek. The main idea behind the Forms is the traditional techniques used in pottery making, i.e. a classic potter’s kick wheel. This ancient method of handcrafting → Read more

Programme 2020

  • Masterclasses by top chefs for professionals
  • Masterclasses by top chefs for students
  • Workshops and lectures by experts
  • Thematic panel discussions by top experts
  • Cooking shows
  • Wine tastings
  • Exclusive four handed Mediterranean dinners
  • Trip to the island of Šolta