Niklas Nilsson 27. September 2022

Niklas Nilsson, Sweden

Niklas Nilsson works at the VOTO Voice of the Ocean foundation and is in charge of education and communication with younger generations. Lately, he has devoted himself to children of preschool age. The picture book “The sea is your best friend” is intended for them and it will be presented at the Festival Taste the Mediterranean in Split.

Niklas is convinced that people should have enough information to understand how the state of the oceans can be improved. He also says that VOTO foundation believes in good examples, successful stories about how we, as individuals, can make the difference. The Foundation has a special Education section, through which it aims to provide various forms of support to those working in the field of information and education. They are particularly committed to the education of children, because they want to affect their perception of the sea and inform them about what is happening there.