Monika Ninčević 08. September 2020

Monika Ninčević: The youngest Ambassador of Mediterranean Women Chefs

The youngest member and ambassador of Med Women Chefs platform is only 20 years old and she is the chef and the owner of the “No 20 Restaurant & Bar” in the ACI marina Piškera in the Kornati archipelago.

Choosing the name of her restaurant, Monika Ninčević wanted to include in it a part of her personality and it is in particular her age that makes her different from many other chefs. The young woman, who attended the famous culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in London, found in Dalmatia the opportunity to join the culinary scene. At the age of four she moved to Croatia from Australia with her parents, a Croatian father and a mother from Mauritius.

With a lot of courage, she started to create traditional Dalmatian dishes and desserts made of fresh local ingredients by giving them a personal touch and presenting them in an attractive way. In the restaurant’s kitchen Monika leads a team of 13 people, including her mother. Monika, whose love and passion for the sea, the nature, the food and the spices come from her mother’s and her father’s homelands, proves that neither age nor gender should be an obstacle to make your dreams come true. Her example could be of a great inspiration for all the young girls who dream of a job in gastronomy.

This is the reason why we are very proud to present her as the youngest Med Women Chefs ambassador.