Mira Šemić 14. March 2016

Mira Šemić

In the neighboring Slovenia, Mira Šemić is a wine legend. She started to, as she says, “intensively” to deal with wines 25 years ago, when it was not yet one of the leading trends. She visited almost all wine regions of the world, and has especially good knowledge of the wines from Australia and New Zealand. Many years of experience Mira complemented by top professional education: she has the title of sommelier in third degree, and is currently graduating WSET (Wine & Spirit EDUCATIONAL TRUST) in London.

“You constantly need to learn about wines, but you also need to enjoy them. You should never drink wine for thirst sake, but for the sake of pleasure” – she keeps repeating to her students of wine school in Ljubljana. “Little School of Wine for Ladies” was the first school that Mira led in Zagreb, invited by the Director of the Festival Taste the Mediterranean, Ingrid Badurina, who in 2008 founded the Zagreb Wine Gourmet Festival, the most prestigious wine event in the region, on which Mira was a frequent guest.

“Little School of Wine for Women” was then a complete novelty, and thanks to Mira’s knowledge and her charm, success was huge. Afterwords, there were sprouting numerous similar schools, but none was like Mira’s. Besides wine schools, Mira Šemić writes reviews on wine, compiles wine cards for top restaurants, gives lectures and professional education (SLO, HR, BiH and Serbia). Being a lover of fine wine and fine cuisine, Mira has met the world’s largest wine producers and visited the most famous restaurants.

In Ljubljana, she led the iconic restaurant “Monroe” and two wine stores. In her columns of the Slovenian newspaper “Pet Zvezdic” and “Slovenske Novice”, Mira often writes about pairing of food and wine