Michèle Rubirola 27. September 2022

Michèle Rubirola, France

Michèle Rubirola, former Mayor of Marseille, has been First Deputy Mayor of Marseille for a greener, fairer and more democratic city since 21 December 2020. She is in charge of Health and International Relations.

First woman elected Mayor of Marseille, she is a doctor specialising in prevention and public health, a profession she practised until she took office. She leads the association Europe Social Projet Recherche Innovation, which works with people living on the street. She is a member of Habitat alternatif social an association which seeks housing for marginalised people (disabled women, HIV-positive,mentallyill).

Michèle Rubirola was born in Marseille and grew up in the working-class area of Rouet, near the stadium of the famous football team « Olympique de Marseille »… of which she is still the supporter!