Meera Eisa Alnaqbi 03. October 2022

Meera Eisa Alnaqbi, United Arab Emirates

Meera Eisa Alnaqbi is a 26 years old new Emirati chef starting her journey in culinary world. Driven by passion for food and creating recipes, she finds joy in elevating basic things and make them special by combining new components and flavors.

She has many interests along with cooking as painting, photography, farming and blogging. At the recent Gulfood 2022 competition, she discovered her abilities to make new recipes and share them with the world and she can’t wait to have her own restaurant or cafe to welcome people to experience her cooking.

In Ramadan 2022, she worked with Hilton in several hotels in UAE where she presented her Emirati menu for Iftar and prepared it in Hilton hotel’s kitchens. It was a wonderful challenge that gave her new experiences. In the mean time she worked with several cafes and restaurants in UAE on the menu development. She elevated their menu and created new recipes for them.

She is looking forward to invest the rest of 2022 by participating in an internship with Hilton where she is coming to Croatia to work in the Michelin star Nebo Restaurant & Lounge by Chef Deni Srdoč, which she believes is going to be a new exciting challenge in her culinary journey.