09. November 2014

L’air du temps – an excellent restaurant situated in a large farm

A big white farmhouse with dark gray stone roofs, situated in the middle of Belgian fields, is the headquarter of the exclusive restaurant L’air du temps.

The interior in a minimalistic style, with natural colors and lots of light, exudes both elegance and simplicity. The staff, all young and communicative people, contribute to the special atmosphere as they know how to present the kitchen of the great chef san degeimbre and to pair the food with the wines.

It all began in 1997, when San and his wife Carine with their own forces rebuilt an old house, on the road between Louvain and Namur, and opened L’air du temps. The Restaurant has been moved to a farm in Éghezée 2 years ago.

Today, L’air du temps is one of the seven Belgian restaurants with two Michelin stars. Beside the menu a la carte, the restauant offers a business lunch with 5 or 7 courses, at an affordable price of 55 and 65 euros, and despite the distance from Brussels, it daily attracts business people and foodies.

On 5 acres of land around the farm, San grows vegetables, herbs and spices that are used in his kitchen, and the rest is supplied by small, local producers. Even the china of the restaurant is handmade by a young ceramist Ben, orignary from the region. This collaboration with local producers and artisans generated the collective Generation W (W from Wallonie / Wallonia). Generation W is San’s longtime project that brings together renowned chefs who want to promote the Walloon gastronomic heritage, the contemporary Terroir through network between producers and artisans deeply rooted in the region and inventive chefs who respect tradition.