Kunty Moureau 19. April 2016

Kunty Moureau

Belgian food Mood
Belgian Food Mood is a new brand label created by Kunty Moureau (Art & Design Curator) in 2016, which promotes food designers or design’s project defending the preservation of human-nature ties, searching for no further waste, struggling to be sustainable, and keeping our traditions alive. Belgium are for centuries a land of creativity. The same is in culinary field. We are what we eat. All the process has to respect time and social invest at each step. We are proud to be invited by “Taste the Mediterranean”, with the help and the support of the Belgian Embassy. Belgian promotion of emerging talents is always a thrilling experience and here we reconsider all aspects of food by searching new culinary practices. Without being a specialist but listening to them, we just think that this would help us for a better way of eating and living.