Kruno Rozić 21. September 2021

Kruno Rozić

Kruno Rozić is the marketing manager for Premium Spirits for the Coca-Cola HBC Adria business unit.

He started his career as a barista in the café bar 42 Coffee Co., and he continued to develop his knowledge in catering in Zagreb’s Dežman bar and later as the main bartender in the Aperitivo bar.

He joined Coca-Cola HBC Croatia in 2019 as a brand ambassador for Premium Spirits for the Adria business unit. Since 2021 he has been the marketing manager for Premium Spirits.

As the head of education at Raise the Bar Academy, Kruno Rozić systematically works on raising the quality of education in catering and tourism. He will share part of his experience with the participants of the panel discussion “Learn, and make your dreams come true” during the Festival Taste the Mediterranean.