20. March 2016


“Calamari Tomažeo’s calamari”
For 6 persons

3 onions
1 kg cleaned squid (calamari)
2 cloves of garlic
Salt, pepper, 3 cloves
2 laurel leaves
1 dl prošek – dessert wine from Dalmatia (a kind of porto)
1 dl dry white wine
0,5 kg lentils
0,5 kg barley
1 garlic

Simmer 3 chopped onions on the olive oil. When yellow add squid (calamari) cut into pieces. Add 2 finely chopped cloves of garlic, salt and pepper, 3 cloves, 2 laurel leaves, prošek (dessert wine) and white wine. In separate pot cook lentils and barley with chopped onion. When the calamari are ready, add cooked lentils and barley. Spice with pepper and fresh olive oil.