Jelena Tabak 10. September 2021

Jelena Tabak

Since the beginning of this year, Jelena Tabak from Split has been the president of the National Association of Caterers. Her experience as the owner of a small tavern “Dujkin dvor”, in the Split’s district of Matejuška, helped her understand the problems of her fellow restaurateurs, because together they went through all the difficult moments of the COVID period.

Jelena Tabak is a translator for English and Italian and she also works as a permanent court interpreter for these two languages. But tourism is her main interest from the very beginning.

After working in a travel agency, Jelena became a guide, and in 2012 she founded the seasonal juice bar “Kokolo” with the aim of reviving the sale of fruit on the Fruit Square in Split. Only a year later, she opened a small tavern Dujkin dvor, a place where she wanted and managed, according to her visitors, to revive the spirit of old Split and the Varoš cultural heritage, the old district of Split’s farmers and fishermen.

“I have been working all my life in tourism and I like to say that I am a tourist worker, more than a caterer. My goal was not only to open a restaurant but also to expand the story of Split’s culture. I love tourism. From experience, I can say that tourism also requires a full-time engagement, but catering is much harder, rougher” she recently told to the local paper Slobodna Dalmacija.