18. May 2018

Jamnica- partner of the exclusive dinner in Meneghello garden on Palmižana

Jamnica is the largest Croatian producer of mineral and spring water with a tradition of 180 years. The sources of Jamnica Acid are known from the time of Celtic, but the inventive development of use began on October 18, 1828, when the first bottles were filled. Since 1993, within the Agrokor Group, with a deliberate investment in modernization, development and new technology, Jamnica has grown into one of the most modern European bottles of mineral and spring water and non-alcoholic drinks.

In the Jamnice d.d. are bottles of natural mineral water and soft drinks in Pisarovina, bottled mineral water and soft drinks in St. Jana, bottled mineral water and soft drinks Sarajevski kiseljak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, bottled mineral water Fonyód in Hungary and its own distribution company in Slovenia, Serbia and USA -in.

The quality of Jamnica brands is confirmed by numerous awards and acknowledgments. Mineral water Jamnica became the first Croatian carrier in 1997, while at the Aqua Expo International Fair in Paris in 2003 won the prestigious Eauscar award as the best natural gasified mineral water. The same award was given to Jana in 2005, and he is also the owner of the prestigious acknowledgments of NSF and ITQI.

Jamnica is a proud partner of the exclusive Mediterranean dinner in the garden of the Meneghello family on Palmižana prepared by French chef Lionel Levy and Jerko Krstulović, chef of the Meneghello restaurant, on Friday, June 1st.

Dinner, included taxi-boat transport: 450 kuna per person. Apply here