Roberto – Bobo Cerea & Enricom – Chiccom Cerea 05. September 2022

For the first time in Split, a dinner by a 3 Michelin *** chef

Roberto (Bobo) Cerea, one of the best Italian chefs from the restaurant Da Vittorio in Bergamo, 3 Michelin *** will cook on Thursday, October 6, at 8:00 p.m., in the newly opened Hotel Ambasador. There are a total of 11 restaurants with 3 Michelin *** in Italy, so the dinner in Split is a unique gourmet event that you should not miss. The courses are followed by the prestigious wines of Saints Hills winery. Book at The price of the dinner with wines 1400 kn/190 euros.

Chef Roberto comes to Split with a complete team of assistants and brings with him all the ingredients he will use to prepare the dinner. This is a common procedure with big chefs who have their trusted suppliers and do not want to leave anything to chance. In the spirit of the Mediterranean, the dishes will be accompanied by the prestigious wines of the Saints Hills winery from Pelješac in Croatia. Da Vittorio is a family restaurant started by the parents of Roberto and Enrico, which has 3 Michelin *** since 2010.

Roberto knew from the beginning that pasta, and especially risotto – primo piatto – was his greatest passion. He says that to come up with a new recipe, he needs an initial impulse, an inspiration that turns into a working sketch. But the final result, i.e. the final dish, is reached slowly. It is necessary to consult, taste, analyze shortcomings, imbalances in order to understand what needs to be removed, added, improved. In the restaurant, each new dish in its final version is an expression of teamwork. The forms are small, precise, the colors are strong, and some dishes resemble artistic paintings.

At Da Vittorio restaurant, they always look for the best food, seasonal and local. They offer a contemporary reinterpretation of the great Italian gastronomic tradition.