Festival Taste the Mediterranean

The seventh edition of the international Taste the Mediterranean festival will take place from 07-11/10/2020 in the city of Split.

Taste the Mediterranean festival – a unique gourmet and cultural event aims to promote the Mediterranean Diet, in particular food, culture, traditions, products and lifestyle developed during the course of the centuries along the coasts of the magic Mediterranean Sea. The Festival, attracting many visitors and tourists, is becoming the annual meeting point for international F&B professionals, chefs, producers, nutritionists, journalists, foodies from all the Mediterranean regions. It is a perfect place to taste the Mediterranean in all possible aspects. Festival Taste the Mediterranean as a cultural and gastronomic event, presents the various aspects of the Mediterranean diet through a series of workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions, unique Mediterranean dinners, culinary presentations, wine tastings and other events.

Croatia, along with Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Morocco and Cyprus, was included on the UNESCO representative list of the countries whose Mediterranean diet is on the list of the world intangible cultural heritage of humanity.


Festival in numbers:

  • 3 international festivals
  • 1 Special Edition
  • 10 participating countries
  • 24 top international chefs
  • 10 Michelin stars
  • 25 speakers
  • 11 artists
  • 5000 visitors
  • 60 foreign and local journalists
  • 250 media releases


Festival Taste the Mediterranean is an international long-term project that aims to:

  • maintain the cultural heritage of humanity
  • support the small producers of quality and traditional products for regional economic development
  • promote the Mediterranean cuisine by combining modern culinary techniques with tradition
  • promote the Mediterranean diet as a great significance for the tourist destination
  • promote sustainable development and environmental approaches
  • popularize the scientific aspects of the Mediterranean diet, with an emphasis on healthy and good food
  • educate the younger generation to appreciate the local, seasonal food and healthy diet