Meri Bura 20. September 2022

Dr. Meri Bura, Croatia


How to achieve emotional stability and physical health, and connect all the components of the process perfectly together to get a good quality of life – Dr.  Meri Bura will explain at a workshop held in Split on 6 October 2022, as part of the Taste the Mediterranean Festival.

Dr. Bura is a physician from Šibenik, specialized in holistic approach to health, who is focused on chronic inflammatory, autoimmune and hormonal illnesses that mostly hit women, and she successfully treats them with her Mulier method. It involves gentler, more humane solutions on the journey to wellbeing – various natural methods for achieving harmony in the body, which means healthy emotions, a healthy spine and optimum function of several glands that are crucial for the hormonal balance. Diet is an extremely important part of that process, and Dr. Bura points out the Mediterranean cuisine as one of the best available options.

This holistic approach actually means repairing the unhealthy way of life, and Dr. Meri Bura explains how to achieve that in her lecture “Fighting Illness with Food: Detox programme, Diet Programme, Thyroid Gland Treatment Programme, Burnout Treatment Programme”.

Hotel Santa Lucia/ Kavana Central
Narodni trg 1
6 October 2022 at 5 pm