Večera Dubrovnika u Trevisu 26. November 2018

Dinner of Dubrovnik in Treviso

Gastronomy and wines of the Dubrovnik region were presented during an exclusive dinner within the wine festival “Vini da Terre Estreme”

On Saturday, November 24th, the cuisine of Dubrovnik and wines from Dubrovnik-Neretva region delighted the guests of an exclusive dinner held in the Casa dei Carraresi museum in Treviso, with a beautiful view of the canal and lights of advent decorations. It was the exclusive first presentation of Dubrovnik’s gastronomy and wines as part of the wine festival “Vini da terre estreme” (wines from extreme lands), which will be held on February 3rd and 4th 2019 in the historic palace “Palazzo Bonifacio Variolo”, in the centre of Treviso.

Chef Saša Računica from Vapor restaurant within the Bellevue Hotel in Dubrovnik, prepared Dubrovnik’s specialities with the help of chef Manuel Gobbo and chef Beatrice Simonetti from Le Beccherie restaurant, famous as the “birthplace” of the popular Italian dessert Tiramisu.
“Treviso is honoured to be able to host Dubrovnik,” the mayor Mario Conte told reporters, adding that his city appreciates the excellence of Dubrovnik’s enogastronomy.

The dinner began with sea bass tartar with apple, arancini and tangerines from Dubrovnik, on lamb’s lettuce, served with the Plavac mali Rose La chic, winery Volarević from Komarna. The following dish was a thick chickpea soup served with “pjeskurice”, a type of fried dough, followed by Dišpet wine, a fresh blend of rukatac, pošip and malvasia of the Dubrovnik winery Marlais from Postup wine region. The hosts then prepared risotto with escargots, almonds and purple carrots, served with the Pošip from Volarević winery. The guests were especially delighted by an unusual combination of tasty and fragrant Dubrovnik’s “popara”, fish soup with monkfish and potatoes, with Tribidrag wine, Rizman winery.

Chef Računica surprised the guests with the final dish: chicken gizzards in prošek sauce and ravioli filled with mushrooms. The dish made from “simple” ingredients delighted even the most demanding palates, just like Dingač reserva wine by Skaramuča winery. “This top-quality wine & gourmet experience was a true discovery for many of the guests”, said Alvaro de Anna, director of “Vini da terre estreme”, a unique event representing “heroic” wines, and added: “These are the wines that speak of the great efforts of small winemakers and such are the wines of Dubrovnik and Dalmatia”.

The dinner was organized in cooperation with Croatian festivals Taste the Mediterranean, held in the town of Hvar, and Dubrovnik Festiwine. “The evening was attended by many Italian journalists and this is a great promotion of Dubrovnik and Dalmatia as a desirable enogastronomic destination,” said Ingrid Badurina Danielsson, director of the Taste the Mediterranean Festival.

“It is my great pleasure to announce that these five wineries will participate in “Vini da terre estreme in February” said Tilda Bogdanović, director of Dubrovnik FestiWine. As a sweet ending to the meal, the chefs joined forces: the Dubrovnik chef prepared arancini bread, and “mantala”, a unique cake made with must. Italian chefs presented their famous Tiramisu. The sweet desserts were served with the supreme dessert wine Malvasija dubrovačka Karaman Prošek, the world champion of the winery Karaman from Konavle.

Večera Dubrovnika u TrevisuVečera Dubrovnika u Trevisu