Danijell Nikolla 26. September 2022

Danijell Nikolla, Croatia

Danijell Nikolla, known as Vaso, is the owner and founder of numerous successful buildings and projects in the city of Split. He is the initiator of the famous Split festival San Sustipanske noći, which marked its tenth anniversary this year.

He is the owner of the restaurant Corto Maltese, one of the most popular restaurants in Split and the vegetarian and plant-based restaurant Pandora Greenbox. This year, he is opening his third restaurant, Professor Thrill, all in the same Obrov street close to the Split’s Fish market. Through his company Ritam Produkcija, he woke up the winter nights in Split and is one of the initiators of the Split Advent.

He believes that one should be persistent and diverse in one’s work, but that it is equally important to remain humble and keep in mind the needs of the local community.