Croatian award winning olive oils 23. September 2020

Croatian award winning olive oils

After being ranked among the best olive oils in the world at the NYIOOC international olive oil competition in New York, NAI 3.3, Šoltansko, Fortica Blend and Božić are also arriving at the 7th Taste the Mediterranean festival. These four multi-award winning Dalmatian extra virgin oils are created in different positions.

NAI 3.3 oil from Dugi Otok, of olive growers Nives and Goran Morović, is an organic monovarietal oil of the Coratina variety, with a fresh fruity and aromatic aroma, pleasant and somewhat astringent oil.  Šoltansko of the Zlatna Šoltanka Association is also organic monovarietal oil, of the local Levantinka variety and offers a pronounced fruity aroma, following medium spiciness and pleasant bitterness.

Fortica Blend from Novigrad, is a creation of olive grower Ivica Vlatković. The blend of Moraiolo and Coratina varieties is characterized by intense fruitiness, balanced bitterness and spiciness.

Božić uje from the island of Hvar, of olive growers Petra and Božidar Balić also belongs to this quality group. It is obtained from the olive Oblica, has a pronounced sweetness, rounded bitterness and spiciness of mild to medium intensity.