Ingrid Badurina Danielsson, dipl. polit.

Project Director

General Manager Laniva d.o.o.
Ksaver 168, 10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
Gsm: +385 (0)98 228 386

Ivana Zubović, dipl. polit.


gsm + 385 (0) 98 166 6607

Taste the Mediterranean is organized by Laniva ltd.

Laniva ltd. is a marketing agency specialized in the promotion of Croatian food, wines and gastronomy as part of the Croatian culture (tradition and innovation).
The company was founded in 2005, in Zagreb, Croatia.
Our mission is to promote Croatia as a Mediterranean gourmet and eco-friendly destination for world travelers and food&wine lovers.

We provide the following services:

  • organizing festivals, conferences and exhibitions
  • organizing cultural events, presentations and promotions
  • organizing tailor made cultural/gourmet trips
  • organizing culinary team buildings
  • consulting services for wine and food producers (education, branding, international promotion…)
  • organizing small exclusive events and dinners
  • organizing press conferences and press trips

Laniva ltd. is the founder and organizer of:

  • the First international conference Taste the Mediterranean (Šibenik 2014)
  • the Croatia Wine Gourmet Festival (Russia, UK, Sweden, France, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia…)
  • the Zagreb Wine Gourmet Festival (Zagreb, 2008-2013)
  • the Festival 1001 delicija (Split, 2005-2008)