Coline Faulquier 07. May 2018

Chef Coline Faulquier

At just 32, Coline Faulquier earned her first Michelin star for her restaurant Signature in Marseille. After graduating from the prestigious Ferrandi High School in Paris, majoring in French cuisine, the talented young chef became famous a few years ago as the finalist on the TV show TOP Chef. That was the beginning of her successful professional career. In 2017 the cheffe won the title of Young Talent awarded by Gault & Millau. She learned from the best chefs, first from Jean Louis Nomicos in the restaurant “Lasserre”, then Olivier Nasti in “Le Chambard” and finally from Eric Fréchon at the restaurant Epicure in the Hotel Bristol in Paris . In april 2019, Coline Faulquier opened in Marseille her own restaurant, Signature, which in a short time and despite the lockdown, got one Michelin star and 2 Gault & Millau toques.

Originally from Burgundy, Coline is a true gourmand, full of life, generous and ambitious. Her passion for cooking and her strong character led her to realize her dreams. Adopted Mediterranean, with the experience from the best Parisian restaurants, in her restaurant the cheffe cooks a light and sunny cuisine.