Cinzia Scaffidi 13. May 2019

Cinzia Scaffidi

Cinzia Scaffidi has a background in history and philosophy. She published some researches in this area in the ‘90s and has maintained a historical-philosophical approach when studying scientific issues.

Before joining Slow Food in 1992, she worked as a journalist, taught and worked in the area of international cooperation.

From 1992 to march 2015 she has been a Slow Food staff: begun as editor-in- chief of the magazine for the Italian members, she then contributed to create the Slow Food website. In 2000 she was in charge of the Slow Food Award for the Defence of Biodiversity and since 2004 has been one of the coordinators of the Terra Madre meeting. From 2005 to 2015 she has been the Director of the Slow Food Study Center, and taught “Interdisciplinarity of Gastronomy at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo. She published Guarda Che Mare (Look at the Sea) (2007) written together with the marine biologist Silvio Greco and dealing with the present environmental situation of the sea, problems encountered by fisheries and the need for consumer awareness and education, and Sementi e diritti (Seeds and Rights) (2008), a comparison between industrial and traditional agriculture, focused on the issue of seeds, written together with Stefano Masini.

In 2014 she published for Slow Food Editore “Mangia come parli”, which analyzes how, in the last decades, 100 “food-words” has changed, following the economic, social and cultural evolution; also in 2014 she co-authored the book “La green economy in Valle d’Aosta” (Franco Angeli Editore).

Since 2015 she works as a free lance: she keeps teaching about food related global issues at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, and in other Universities and schools; she also works as a consultant for organizations and companies, and as a free lance journalist.

In 2017 she published “Il Pesce – come sceglierlo e rispettare il mare” and in 2018 “Che mondo sarebbe – Pubblicità del cibo e modelli sociali”, both for Slow Food Editore.

Her latest book is “Il mondo delle api e del miele”, which went out in February 2019, for the same publisher.