20. March 2016

Chef Vesna Miletić

My name is Vesna Miletić. I was born in 02.05.1958., and i graduated from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science. However, my love of food and cooking changed my life path – I spent 15 years working in restaurant hospitality bussines. I’m the Chef in the restaurant Tač in Zagreb, which i run with my husband and our two sons. My Istrian origin and heritage is an inspiration to my cooking, so our family restaurant is well known for great traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

We value traditional style of preparing food, as well as using seasonal and fresh ingredients. This approach to cooking, and loving what you do, has proven to meet even the highest of standards.  I was also part of the Croatian team in Food ‘in Sud in Marseilles. It s my great joy to represent my country, that can offer a wonderful gastronomic experience based on organic and quality ingredients found in continental, as well as the seaside part of the country.