chef Marcello Trentini 18. March 2019

Chef Marcello Trentini

In 1990, contrary to the wishes of his family, Marcello left the art academy and began following his dream: he started working as an intern in the kitchen. This marked the beginning of his career. Completely self-taught, he worked at all positions in the kitchen hierarchy.

In April 1998, after traveling around Italy and abroad, where he gathered experience and inspiration, he returned to his hometown Turin and started working in a wine bar, where he managed his own kitchen. His employer recognized the potential and sent him to various Michelin-starred restaurants to gain more experience. After discovering the haute cuisine, he realized what he really wants to do.

In February 2003, he opened the Magorabin restaurant with his wife Simona. Their mission was to bring the haute cuisine back to Torino. In 2003 he became a member of the JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe) – Association of the best young chefs in Europe. He received his first Michelin star in 2012. In 2014, he participated in the third season of the show „The Greatest Chef China“. Chef Trentini is the first European chef to take the victory in this TV contest. In February 2015, he became a member of the association LE SOSTE, the Italian representative of the Les Grandes Tables du Monde association. In the fall of 2016, he became vice-president of the JRE association.

It is said that life does not move in a straight line, but slowly but surely moves along an upward trajectory. The story of the Magorabin restaurant is exactly like that: from opening, redecorating and extension, to numerous awards. The restaurant refreshed its interior, chef Trentini allowed his creativity to soar and is on a safe path to reach new heights.