Chef Roberto Cerea 20. September 2022

Chef Roberto Cerea, Italy

Da Vittorio Restaurant, Brusaporto, Bergamo, Michelin ***

The youngest male member of the culinary Cerea family, who has been running the famous Da Vittorio restaurant in Brusaporto near Bergamo for more than five decades, is a fan of Croatian cuisine – he appreciates Istrian olive oils, truffles, the Pag cheese and wines from Korčula.

In the family restaurant opened by his parents Bruna and Vittorio, the focus is on seafood specialties. Their passion and dedication, along with excellent service and creativity, have resulted in three Michelin stars. Roberto, nicknamed Bobo, and his older brother Enrico are executive chefs, Francesco is the event manager, and sister Rossella is the general manager and reception manager at the family-owned La Dimora Hotel, while Barbara organizes charity activities.

“Our cuisine is based on fresh, top quality products prepared in the traditional way while using modern techniques. We are always looking for the best ingredients, and luckily in Italy we have great producers of cheese and cured meats, the sea that gives us good fish and the land that supplies high quality produce.  Our cuisine is Mediterranean, but we are always trying to discover new dishes from other countries and indulge in new passions. This job is constant learning”, says Roberto Cerea.