Marko Đurašević 23. August 2021

Chef Marko Đurašević

Chef of the restaurant Kinoteka in Split, the Montenegrin Marko Đurašević graduated as an Assistant in Chemical technology, but choosed a professional culinary career that he developed mostly in Spain, after a short experience in Miami, Florida. He was the Chef de cuisine of the Gastronomique restaurant Black, in Barcelona. His duty was to supervise all kitchen areas to ensure a consistent, high quality product. He was responsible for guiding and developing a brigade of 15 culinary staff including direct reports to executive chef Paco Perez, the renowned Michelin starred Spanish chef. A year later Chef Đurašević became the Group Executive chef at Degus Plus Group, responsible for directing and developing the culinary brigade of 50 employees. He moved then to Madrid where he was the Executive chef of the restaurant Distrito 798 in the Hotel Melia Castilla, famous for its creative cuisine with Chinese, Peruvian and Japanese fusion. He spent the last 5 years in Madrid as a research and development chef at Ikibana Sarria, a Japanese and brasilian fusion restaurant. He came finally to Split, in Croatia and worked briefly in the restaurant Portofino, before moving to Kinoteka. In the unique setting of the Diocletian’s Palace (built in the 4th century AD) Chef Đurašević offers an amazing high level fine dining based on Mediterranean cuisine with Asian influence.