Chef Laëtitia Visse 23. August 2021

Chef Laëtitia Visse

Laëtitia Visse graduated from the High School of French Cuisine, and before that she attended the famous Ferrandi School in Paris. The daughter of opera singers, this young, tiny woman, always knew she wanted to cook. Today, at the age of 30, she is the owner and cheffe of the restaurant La femme du boucher (Butcher’s wife) in Marseille. As the name of her restaurant suggests, the cheffe offers primarily meat specialties, but a very special ones such as homemade sausages, black pudding, pig’s trotters, and homemade pâtés. She handles all pieces of meat skillfully and enjoys the open kitchen of her somewhat rustic restaurant. After an internship with some of the best French chefs such as Olivier Nasti, Guy Savoy and Alain Dutournier, who was her mentor, six years ago Laëtitia Visse realized her dream: to open a small neighborhood bistro offering forgotten local dishes, rare in most restaurants today. “I want to give people back the pleasure of real tastes,” says the cheffe whose restaurant earned a Michelin plate.